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Business Soft Skills

“Business soft skills are an essential part of business. Strong soft skills improve communications, enable collaboration, develop strong teams and improve workplace interactions”


At Platinum we strive to improve all of your work place interactions and build outstanding employee interpersonal skills. To achieve this we provide the most up-to-date professional business soft skill programs. These programs can be delivered in both Japanese and English. All programs include our laser focussed training support system, including; professional needs analysis, goal setting, delivery and post course support. Some of the key areas we offer services in are:

High Impact Presentations

In today’s business world it is increasingly necessary to present our ideas to multi-national audiences. In these situations a successful presentation requires a clear objective, takes into account audience needs, tells a story and is stimulating for listeners.

This sounds simple but unfortunately even the most confident of people can lose their audience due to unclear goals, poor structure, poor delivery and over-reliance on slides. Our program focuses on developing and delivering ‘high impact’ presentations across cultures, with logical structures, audience-driven content, memorable visuals and persuasive calls to actions.

Professional Facilitation Skills

A facilitator is someone who helps a group of people understand their common objectives and assists them to achieve these objectives without taking a position in the discussion. They elicit, control and guide discussions to a positive conclusion. Our program develops facilitation skills for a wide range of situations, from standard meetings to large-scale corporate events.

We provide a wide range of basic and advanced tools and techniques for various aspects of facilitating including: event preparation, agenda creation, positive openings, opinion collecting, creative brainstorming tools, dealing with challenges and ending with deliverable actions.

Principle-based Negotiation Skills

According to William Ury, the best selling author of ‘getting to yes’, there are three core principles associated with successful negotiations. They are: listen first, speak second; separate people from the problem; focus on interests, not positions.

ur program is based on Ury’s ‘getting to yes’ framework. We build core skills and behaviors that develop positive and pro-active negotiation techniques for use in all situations. Our principle-based negotiation course leads to real improvements and helps all trainees reach better agreements and consistently achieve positive outcomes in all their negotiations.

Cross-Cultural Meeting Skills

Meetings play a vital role in company growth, prosperity and decision-making. Unfortunately, many meetings are a waste of time and resources. There are many reasons for this, however in global environments cultural differences in methods, behavior, attitude and protocol clearly play an important role in failed meetings.

Our program builds key skills, behaviors and attitudes for face-to-face and remote meeting situations. We develop cross-cultural awareness and develop employees who can operate effectively in all multinational situations.

Logical Email Writing

According to Radicati Group approximately 247 billion emails are sent each day. That’s over 2.8 million every second of every day. Considering this statistic, it is essential that we compose emails that are clear, concise and that effectively communicate our message. We must also consider levels of formality and differences in writing styles due to cultural gaps.

Our course is designed to develop both your email and business writing skills. The course was created with a global business environment in mind, and therefore also challenges you to understand and embrace the cultural differences associated with global communications.

Time Management & Prioritization

Perhaps the biggest challenge facing the modern businessperson is time management. Poor time management and prioritization directly impacts deadlines, client service, organizational effectiveness, budgets and work-life balance. In the worst-case scenario it can impede organizational objectives, derail careers, and negatively impact individual health.

Our customizable program helps individuals to build effective tools that are directly relevant to their jobs. These tools can be implemented immediately, offering an almost instant return on investment.

Short Presentations: Value Propositions & Elevator Pitches

A value proposition is a short statement or elevator pitch used to summarize why a consumer, client or counterpart should buy a product, use a service or accept an idea. An effective value proposition is connected to the needs and values of our audience. It shows how our product, service or idea adds value or solves a problem better than our competitors.

In our workshop we introduce various value proposition methods, consider ways to adjust our message depending on our audiences, practice delivering our messages and provide constructive feedback with professional.

Communicating with Executives

Many of us find it difficult to address people higher up the chain, especially if our daily focus is typically on technical aspects, staff concerns or other ‘management-related’ tasks and jobs. Communicating with executives means focusing on the ‘big picture’ and taking a more strategic approach and wider organizational viewpoint.

Our program builds awareness, crucial communication skills, executive level mindsets and starts to embed leadership level behaviors. We help participants develop ‘presence’ and understand exactly what is required for ‘communicating up’.

For information on any of the above and much more please contact us at Platinum Training Consultants.


We have used Platinum Training Consultants to help develop our Japanese employees cross-cultural communication skills. We needed our staff to be more active in global discussions, problem solving and decision-making.Platinum Training Consultants has improved skill sets in areas such as, cross-cultural negotiations, presentations and conflict management, therefore I highly recommend Platinum. Platinum training is professional, fun, interactive and useful for employees at all levels.

Mikkel Troen, Senior Finance Manager, Lundbeck Japan

At Bluecoat we retained Platinum Training Consultants to help us address a number of communication issues. In particular, cultural gaps between Japanese and overseas staff, in areas such as meeting protocol, negotiations and conflict management. Platinum Training Consultants solutions were tailored specifically to the needs of our teams. The hands-on nature of their sessions enabled our staff to learn, practice and quickly implement key skills, which brought clear and significant benefits to our company. We plan to continue using their services and would recommend them without hesitation.

Matt Bennet, Blue Coat Systems, Asia Pacific Vice President